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About Us

Our Mission



Jubilee Australia (formal name: the Jubilee Australia Debt and Development Research Centre) engages in research and advocacy to promote economic justice for communities in the Asia-Pacific region and accountability for Australian corporations and government agencies operating there.

Our research and advocacy serves a public purpose: our investigations look into whose interests are served by the policies and decisions of Australian corporations and government agencies. If we find that the interests of communities in our region or the Australian public are not being served, we seek to draw these facts to the attention of politicians, the media, and our supporters.

Our modus operandi is the following:

1. Working with individuals and groups, usually in the Asia-Pacific region, to identify and document human rights abuses, environmental destruction or economic injustice in their communities;

2. Identifying and documenting how Australian companies, financial institutions and Australian government actions cause or contribute to those adverse impacts;

3. Identifying and documenting how policy change at the national and international  level might prevent current and future environmental and human rights abuses and economic injustice. 


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