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Asia-Pacific Partner Organisations

Much of Jubilee’s work would not be possible without the close collaboration with partners on the ground. Our work in Melanesia is based on our close collaboration with the following groups:

Bismarck Ramu Group

The Bismarck Ramu Group (BRG) is a non-governmental organization that works with local communities, groups, organizations and individuals throughout Papua New Guinea. BRG informs, trains, advises and helps empower people so they can make informed decisions, confidently speak out, organize and take action to protect and maintain control over their land, resources and livelihoods. Jubilee has been working with BRG since 2013. 

Bougainville People's Research Centre

The Bougainville People’s Research Centre is an institution established by Dr Ruth Saovana in 2016 to investigate important political and cultural questions that are pertinent to the future of Bougainville. Jubilee Australia works closely with Dr Saovana in all aspects of its Bougainville work. 

Regional and International Networks

Our economic justice work is driven by our engagement with international networks and coalitions, which work on debt, on export credit, and on other issues. Over the years, we have enjoyed particularly close relationships with the following of likeminded organisations/networks:

Asian Peoples' Movement on Debt and Development

The Asian Peoples' Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD) is  regional alliance of groups that work together for people-centred development, economic and environmental rights and justice. Jubilee Australia is not a formal member of APMDD, but works with them on common projects and areas of interest.


ECA-Watch is an international network of civil society organisations that monitor their behaviour of their export credit agencies (ECAs). Jubilee has been a member of ECA-watch since 2010 and is the leading Australian NGO that monitors Efic, the Australian ECA.


EURODAD stands for the European Network on Debt and Development and is a leading hub of critical thinking about development in developing countries. Although we are not a formal member of the network (not being European), we work closely with the organisation and many of its members.

Australian Partner Organisations and Coalitions

Our advocacy work in Australia is strengthened by being part of various nationwide coalitions. We also work closely with a number of other civil society groups:

Corporate Accountability Network of Australia

The Corporate Accountability Network of Australia brings together civil society organisations, academics and individuals in Australia who are concerned about business and human rights. Jubilee Australia is a founding member of this network.

Tax Justice Network Australia

The Tax Justice Network Australia is a network of individuals and organisations calling for a fairer tax system. It is the Australian arm of the International Tax Justice Network. Jubilee is a founding member.

The Australia Institute