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Jubilee Australia's Resource Centre

Corporate Accountability

Identifying the ways that Australian banks and companies can be made more accountable when their actions have negative consequences overseas.

Much of Jubileeā€™s work has been to investigate cases where companies are responsible for adverse economic and human rights impacts, particularly in the extractives sector. So what do we do with the information that we have uncovered?

Jubilee brings detailed research to the table about community concerns, including as far as possible, talking to the affected communities and finding out what happened when there is a suspicion of corporate misconduct.

So, what do we do when our research does unearth troubling impacts for which Australian companies or financial institutions are responsible?

We outline below the variety of tools, from private engagement and shareholder advocacy, to more aggressive strategies, that we use to achieve better outcomes for communities.

We also describe below the importance of adopting stronger national laws and institutions to police and oversee corporate misbehaviour. And we discuss the institution of Efic, which has been a particular focus of ours.

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