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Making Australian corporations accountable overseas.

#NotOnMyWatch is a Jubilee Australia campaign to stop the abuses of Australian companies overseas and to increase their accountability to people around the world.


Australian resource companies that commit life-threatening abuses and environmental damage in communities overseas, often do so with impunity. There’s currently little incentive for Australian corporations to behave differently. 

Voluntary guidelines are not enough. Corporations decide when and how they will apply. The incentive for adhering to the standards is weak, as there is no means of sanctioning companies that don’t comply. And ultimately, they do not address the underlying power imbalance between global corporations and the local communities affected by corporate activities.

In most developing countries there exists a substantial body of local laws that regulate corporate activities. But not all governments have the infrastructure or capacity to monitor the enforcement of standards to protect affected communities.

Globally there is growing momentum to curb the power of global corporations. A legal framework is needed to encourage and monitor corporate responsibility, and to support local communities to achieve a sustainable future for all generations.

TOP IMAGE: Women in Yehimbole Village, Yangoru-Saussia District, East Sepik Province, PNG. (Photo credit: Richard Kendall/OxfamAUS)

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The people of Bougainville have been seemingly forgotten by a world that would rather not know about their trauma, or those responsible for it. Worse still, they have been told their community carries the blame.


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