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For more than a decade, we have been building our knowledge on the causes of poverty and injustice in the Asia Pacific, and the obstacles to its reduction.

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Jubilee Protests Again Efic Plans to Finance South African Coal Mine

Jubilee Australia has continued it's role as monitoring questionable actions of Efic, Australia's export credit agency.

In October, Jubilee, along with its colleagues at The Australia Institute, made a formal submission to Efic to formally warn the taxpayer-backed organisation to finance the Boikarabelo coal mine in South Africa's Waterberg region. 

The project of the joint South African-Australian company ResGen, threatens to open up the entire Waterberg coal field, which would be a disaster for a world trying to limit global warming to the 1.5 degrees agreed to at COP 21 in Paris.

The Efic Board is believed to be still considering whether or not to fund the proposed coal mine

Corporate Accountability

In many places social and environmental impacts of corporate activities, including human rights abuses have reached crisis level. Governments must be responsible for these negative effects, together with business.

Export Credit Agencies

The Australian Government is providing financial and other support for Australian business to invest in mining exploration and projects in natural resource-rich developing countries.

Illegitimate Debt

Very few countries have developed after incurring international debts in a foreign currency that they then had to repay. Yet over the past half century, the IMF has consistently required the opening up of less-developed countries to overseas investment as a quid pro quo for being granted access to foreign aid.

Rules Governing International Debt

Introducing an international insolvency regime would be an important step toward an international financial system that is more predictable, fair and conducive to development.

Vulture Funds

Vulture funds are private investment firms that prey on the world’s poorest countries. These commercial bankers circle developing countries on the lookout for debts that the country is struggling to repay.

International Financial Institutions

Years of evidence from communities and governments in less-developed countries demonstrate that international financial institutions, including the IMF and World Bank, have been severely implicated in debt crises.

Publish What You Pay

A global network of civil society organisations is campaigning for transparency in the energy and mining sectors.

Financial Transactions Tax

The FTT is a tiny tax on wholesale financial trades that would discourage short term speculative trading, and raise billions of dollars annually.

Tax Justice

Less- developed countries lose more money each year due to the tax dodging by multinational companies than the total amount of international 'aid' given.