Economic Justice and Accountability for Communities in the Asia-Pacific

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The Philippines’ debt problem and the continued accumulation of illegitmate debt has once again been put in the spotlight

Every minute, the Philippines government, using citizens’ money, is paying a mind-boggling P1.1 million just to service ..

International Women’s Day

The Exhausted Woman: the costs of the World Banks' 'Structural Adjustment' There's no doubt that Australian women are busy; en..

The time is now for the illegitimate debt campaign

Dear friends The reason that I am most proud about being involved with this campaign is that not only is it a truly worldw..
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"I support Jubilee Australia because of its ongoing commitment to social and environmental justice and the relief of poverty. The conditions that many of our near-neighbours live are neither accidental nor inevitable, and the work to bring clarity and accountability to the policies and behaviours of governments and corporations in our region is vital." — Tim Winton