Economic Justice and Accountability for Communities in the Asia-Pacific

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Australia looks set to participate in its first ever debt swap - turning Indonesian debt into funds for health care

The new Labor Government has pledged to make Australia only the second creditor to take part in Debt2Health, joining Germany i..

Suharto dead but his crimes live on for Indonesians

Suharto dead but his crimes will live on for the people of Indonesia. Australia must take responsibility for any role it had ..

"Safeguards"? Asian Development Bank

The ADB has been mired in a scandal of depleted credibility, broken promises and slipping standards since October last year, w..
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"I support Jubilee Australia because of its ongoing commitment to social and environmental justice and the relief of poverty. The conditions that many of our near-neighbours live are neither accidental nor inevitable, and the work to bring clarity and accountability to the policies and behaviours of governments and corporations in our region is vital." — Tim Winton