Our Annual Report

Our Annual Report


The past year has been filled with research, advocacy and working with our partners - in Australia and overseas - to seek increased transparency and accountability in the Asia Pacific region. 



Here are some of our key highlights from the past year: 

  • Our work with Project Sepik to protect the largest river in Papua New Guinea from severe environmental damage from the largest mine to ever be proposed in PNG history, the Frieda River mine. We published a report 'The River is Not Ours', which found that communities were concerned about the potential impacts of the mine on their livelihoods and communities. 

  • Highlighting the opportunity for a new path for economic development in Bougainville that is not centred on mining. Bougainville could soon be the world's newest nation, as it votes in its independence referendum from PNG in late 2019. We published a report 'Growing Bougainville's Future', gathering the insights of more than a dozen experts, and raising questions about the viability of relying on mining as a development strategy for an independent Bougainville. We also released an accompanying film, Bougainville: Long Han Blom Yumi (Bougainville: It’s In Our Hands). 

  • Researching, critiquing and advocating against a proposed new way of Australia delivering aid to the Pacific region: the Australian Infrastructure Investment Fund for the Pacific. We subsequently published a report, 'Enter the Dragon', which documented our concerns about the Fund. In late 2018 and early 2019, Jubilee and our partners participated in advocacy with federal MPs about the proposed fund. Despite the progression of the government’s plans to implement the fund in April 2019, we maintain our position about the project’s flaws and will continue to advocate to changes to its design.   

You can read more about our work over the past year in our Annual Report 2019.

Annual Report 2019 Annual Report 2019 (24401 KB)