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ABG Lifts Mining Moratorium in Some Parts of Bougainville

Release Date: 11-May-2017

The Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) last week lifted the moratorium on mining with respect to certain parts of the island.

Jubilee Australia Director Luke Fletcher was quoted in a Reuters news story on the topic, questioning whether this would be a move welcomed by many landowners.

It is understood that the moratorium does not apply to the area of the Panguna mine, which was the cite of the bloody Bougainville civil war of the 1990s. 'We believe that talk of reopening the Panguna mine is reckless,' said Mr Fletcher, 'given what our research has revealed about the feelings of the Panguna communities towards the issue.' Mr Fletcher was referring to Jubilee's 2014 Voices of Bougainville Report.

'We also question the economic viability of such a project given the fact that Rio Tinto has now divested itself of its shares in Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL),' said Mr Fletcher.

Jubilee is currently undertaking research into the economic options facing Bougainville. The research will examine the pros and cons of a case for mining as opposed to other economic activities.