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Debt issue pushed at Accra aid effectiveness summit

Release Date: 07-Sep-2008

Last week government officials from over 100 countries and leaders of multilateral institutions met in Accra, Ghana for the Aid Effectiveness summit. The forum provided a formal setting for donor countries to review progress toward meeting aid targets set at the Paris meeting in 2005 as well as an important opportunity for rich and developing countries to agree on an agenda to improve aid.

Throughout the summit and in the surrounding days civil society organisations were very active in workshops and meetings assessing how to make aid more effective for poor people. Some of their demands for the outcome of the summit included:

- setting new concrete targets, improving indicators and outlining time-bound measures for aid effectiveness;
- untying aid and making it more predictable; and
- making overseas development aid processes, policies and activities more transparent.

 Aid is only one factor in the development equation. Jubilee Australia along with the global debt movement and other civil society organisations are concerned that the crippling debt crisis has been largely excluded from discussions about aid effectiveness. Unless unpayable poor country debts are cancelled, it will be very difficult for aid to work effectively. Aid should be given as grants not loans. The global debt movement issued a statement outlining these and other concerns to participants at the forum.