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Fearless Documentary 'The Opposition' Has its Australian Premiere

Release Date: 04-May-2017

Tonight is the Australian premiere of the incredible documentary film The Opposition at the Human Rights Film Festival in Federation Square in Melbourne

The film tells the story of an illegal land grab in PNG by unscrupulous real estate developers at Paga Hill near Port Moresby, and the efforts of the community who live there to fight back.

The film, directed by Holly Fifer and produced by the production company Media Stockade, also features Jubilee Australia Research Committee member Dr Kristian Lasslett as a major actor in the film. 

'Jubilee is delighted to see that, after a difficult legal fight, this must-see film is finally being screened in Australia,' said Jubilee Australia Director Luke Fletcher. 'Our warmest congratulations to Holly Fifer and all the folks at Media Stockade for their long struggle in bringing this story to the big screen.'

The Opposition will also Screen on June 10 and 11 at the Sydney Film festival. Order your tickets here.

 Click here to find out about other screenings of the film in Aukland, Canberra and Sydney. 

The Paga Hill site is slated to be the venue of the next Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in early 2018. Jubilee Australia is teaming up with our friends at AID/WATCH to petition the Australian government to withdraw its financial and other support to hold APEC at this site.

Click through to sign the petition on