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Jubilee Australia merges with The Australia Institute

Release Date: 24-Sep-2015

Jubilee Australia is merging with The Australia Institute (TAI), the country’s most progressive think tank on economic, social and environmental issues. With TAI, we will be ‘connecting the dots’ regarding government, corporate and financial institutional behaviour that hurts people, whether it be here in Australia or overseas. Post-merger, we will continue to conduct groundbreaking research as the Jubilee Australia Research Centre (JARC). All gifts to JARC are tax-deductible.

We would not be able to do the work that we do without our extraordinary supporters. The Australia Institute will help us with infrastructure, but we still need support for our critical research. Your generosity enables our research to be made available to Australians and to communities confronting the impact of Australian corporate and government policies. Gifts and monthly contributions make all of this possible, and can be made through our website.  

Why did Jubilee decide to join The Australia Institute (TAI)?

How will the merger work?  

Jubilee currently consists of two entities, Jubilee Australia (founded in 2001) and the Jubilee Australia Research Centre (established in 2008). Under the new arrangement, Jubilee Australia will be wound up, and the Jubilee Australia Research Centre will continue as an incorporated entity responsible for our research, policy reports and debates on these issues.  

Will Jubilee retain its independence as an organisation?

Jubilee will retain its independence in two key ways. Firstly, the Jubilee Australia Board will be recreated as an advisory body within The Australia Institute.  Secondly, the Jubilee Australia Research Centre’s overall work program and research output will continue to be guided by its expert Research Committee.  

What will be the practical impact of the merger?

Jubilee has moved into TAI’s offices in Sydney, at 338 Pitt Street, Level 14, located with other strategic NGOs in office space provided by GetUp!. Jubilee Australia will continue to work with the National Council of Churches of Australia (NCCA) as its partner and close friend. The Jubilee brand and website will continue.

How will the merger affect our volunteers and supporters?

We will continue to host interns and volunteers – if you are interested in volunteering, or in working as an intern as part of your university studies, you can still do this!   

Gifts to support our work will henceforth be made to the Jubilee Australia Research Centre. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Looking ahead…

Jubilee Australia is deeply appreciative to all our supporters who have enabled our landmark research over the years; your gifts to Jubilee make this work possible. We look forward to your continuing support of the Jubilee Australia Research Centre as we move forward to address these systemic issues as part of The Australia Institute.