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Jubilee releases report on Bougainville: Growing Bougainville's Future

Release Date: 12-Sep-2018

Jubilee Australia releases its new report today, called 'Growing Bougainville's Future: Choices for an island and its people.' The report examines the choice facing the people of Bougainville and asks the question of ‘to mine or not to mine’?

Growing Bougainville's Future 2018 Growing Bougainville's Future 2018 (14549 KB)


Media release: Bougainville: To mine or not to mine?

As Bougainville plans for its long-awaited inde­pendence referendum scheduled for the middle of next year, the Panguna mine – which was once one of the largest copper-gold mines in the world until the Bougainville civil war forced its closure in 1989 – remains at the forefront of debates about Bougainville’s economic future.  

Jubilee Australia’s report ‘Growing Bougainville’s Future: Choices for an Island and its people’ examines the choice facing the people of Bougainville and asks the question of ‘to mine or not to mine’?  

The political consensus that large-scale mining offers the only feasible developmental path for Bougainville has led to a scenario in which there has been an insufficient analysis of potential alternative eco­nomic strategies. Jubilee Australia aims to redress this imbalance.  

The report reflects on the possibilities and realities of an extrac­tives-led development path for Bougainville and examines the availability and viability of an alternative path. In short, we conclude that alter­natives to large-scale mining do exist and that many Bougainvilleans are already participating in and developing these alternatives.  

Some of the conclusions in ‘Growing Bougainville’s future’ are:

This report is being published along with a short film, Bougainville: Long Han Blong Yumi (Bougainville: It's In Our Hands). The film has been made for a Bougainvillean audience and explores many of the same issues explored in the report. You can find the video here.


Dr Ruth Saovana-Spriggs, from the Bougainville People's Research Centre Said: 'Re-opening the Panguna mine is not the solution. The people of Bougainville are hungry for alternative and sustainable development paths, and an informed and balanced debate about Bougainville's future.'

Christina Hill, Acting Executive Director of Jubilee Australia said: ‘’ Properly supported, innovative approach­es that build on what is already done have the potential to support inclusive economic growth in Bougainville and with it increase government reve­nues.”