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More Concerns Raised about PNG LNG

Release Date: 16-Mar-2017

More troubling concerns have come to light about the Australian taxpayer-funded PNG LNG project in PNG's Hela Province.

Reporting continues to casts doubt on the official position that the situation is under control. Recently the ABC reported that the Hela Province Governor has suggested that the Australian Federal Police might be needed to calm tensions in the region.

Meanwhile, a research student at ANU, Michael Main who spent months in the project area in 2016, has provided Australians with a rare insight into the situation in the highlands in a recent article in The Conversation. Mr Main described a dismal scene in the area:

'What I encountered was abject poverty situated alongside of the largest natural gas extraction operations in the world. Combined with this was immense frustration, anger, corruption, mounting violence and widespread proliferation of weapons.'

In its 2012 Pipe Dreams report, Jubilee Australia warned that the unrealistic promises made by the Government of PNG and the project proponents about the benefits of the project may well lead to landowner discontent. Jubilee Australia further warned that this could lead to escalation and bloody civil conflict in the area.

Jubilee has opposed the project since 2009, in particular the financial support given to it in decisions by the Australian Government and Efic- Australia's export credit agency.

For more details from Jubilee's Pipe Dreams, see Chapter 5 of Pipe Dreams - especially pp 63-65 which can be downloaded here.