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New Australian Corporate Accountability Network Launched

Release Date: 14-Nov-2017



Two weeks ago in Melbourne, Jubilee Australia was present for the launch of the new Australian Corporate Accountability Network. The launch took place on Wednesday 1 November at RMIT University in Melbourne.

'We have big hopes that this new, improved group,' said Jubilee Executive Director Luke Fletcher. 'We expect that it will be able to secure results that see Australian companies more accountable to the Australian community for human rights violations and environmental damages that they cause both at home and overseas.'

Jubilee has played a crucial role in setting up this network. Jubilee Australia's Brynn O'Brien sits on the network's steering committee and helped launch the event.

Photo: From left Michelle O'Neil (Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia) Catherine Coumans (Mining Watch Canada), Serena Lilywhite (Transparency International Australia) and Shelley Marshall (RMIT) discuss the potential for better corporate accountability in Australia.