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Our Foreign Policy: What Needs to Change?

Release Date: 02-Mar-2017

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is currently undergoing a broad review of Australia's foreign policy.

Jubilee has made a submission to this review which details the important areas of our foreign policy where change is needed. We have highlighted four areas which are particularly problematic:

Business and Human Rights: Australia must do more to hold our companies to account when they are associated with human rights abuses overseas
Aid and Development: Since 2013, our aid program is moving in dangerous directions. Reforms must be made.
Global Economic Justice: The rules governing sovereign debt continue to favour the bankers and wealthy countries, and not the most vulnerable.
Australia's Trade Agreements: We support the work of our partner AFTINET about the problematic trade agreements Australia is still pushing.

For the full submission, including our specific recommendations, click here: Foreign Policy White Paper Submission 2017