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Robin Hood Tax adopted by Tax Justice Network Australia

Release Date: 03-Apr-2017

Jubilee Australia has announced that the Australian advocacy for a Robin Hood Tax will henceforth be housed under the banner of Tax Justice Network (TJN) Australia.

Jubilee Australia has run the Robin Hood Tax Australia campaign on behalf of all the coalition partners since 2010, when the campaign was launched. The campaign was based on the British Robin Hood Tax campaign--it calls for a small tax on financial transactions to decrease financial instability caused by high frequency trading and to raise revenues for development and other purposes. It is known in common parlance as a Financial Transactions Tax, or FTT.

'While the FTT campaign in Australia has been quiet for a number of years, we believe that the issue may well return to public interest in the future,' said Jubilee Australia Director Luke Fletcher. The European Union is moving towards it, and last year the FTT was adopted as official policy by the Democratic Party in the USA

''In the meantime, TJN Australia is the perfect vehicle to keep the issue alive,' said Mr Fletcher. 'The membership of the two campaigns is very similar and as a founding member of TJN Australia we are very confident that it is the best place for the Robin Hood Tax campaign to sit.

The Australian Robin Hood Tax campaign has thousands of supporters in Australia, including around four and a half thousand FaceBook supporters.