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Suppressed UNDP Report Vindicates Jubilee's Work on Bougainville

Release Date: 20-Apr-2017

Two suppressed 2014 UNDP reports on Bougainville have just come to light, the findings of which are in line with Jubilee's Voices of Bougainville report, published later that year. The UNDP reports were conducted in consultation with the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG), the President of which strongly criticised Jubilee in 2014 for the Voices of Bougainville report.

In a blog on the International State Crime website earlier this week, Jubilee Australia academic advisor and Bougainville expert Kristian Lasslett unearthed the UNDP/ABG reports and discussed their implications.

Dr Lasslett revealed how the preliminary findings for the report stated, including this quote taken from it:

'There is a broad popular perception that the ABG in its focus on the Panguna mine has largely neglected other sectors, such as tourism or alluvial mining, but especially agriculture which provides the livelihood for most Bougainvilleans. Not surprisingly, there is considerable interest among Bougainvilleans for the smaller scale, slower development path.' 

In his blog, Dr Lasslett also pointed to further endorsement for Jubilee's research in the final report.

For the letters criticising the report, and Jubilee Australia's responses at the time, see here.