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More than twenty environment, aid and development groups have come together to call on the Australian Government to sign the Glasgow Statement, ending public financing of fossil fuel exports and redirecting that financing to renewable energy.

The letter notes that far from supporting regional energy security, dependence on fossil fuels makes developing countries more vulnerable to geopolitical disruptions to fossil fuel supplies, as seen in the invasion of Ukraine.

It also highlights that Australiaā€™s likeminded economic and security partners - including the USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Denmark - have signed the Glasgow commitment to end international public subsidies for fossil fuels.

The letter argues that by signing the Glasgow Statement and implementing it fully throughout the programs of EFA, NAIF and the Australian development assistance program,  the Government will signal its seriousness in tackling global climate change, not only in managing down its domestic emissions, but also in helping international partners to secure their zero-carbon future.

Read the full open letter here.