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COP28: Australia finally signs on to the Clean Energy Transition Partnership, a first step to phasing out fossil fuels

Latest News, Climate Justice, Climate proof EFA, Aid and development

Release Date: 05 Dec 2023

Breaking news from COP28 in Dubai as the Australian government commits to the Clean Energy Transition Partnership.

Australia’s Pacific financing plan not fit for purpose

Latest News, Aid and development, Sustainable economies

Release Date: 28 Nov 2022

Australia’s $4 billion program to fund new infrastructure in the Pacific lacks transparency, is failing to support the region's greatest needs such as climate adaptation/loss and damage and poverty alleviation, and risks driving extractive development in the region, according to a new report by environmental and human rights organisation Jubilee Australia Research Centre.

Civil society raises alarm amid reports Australia pushing Asian Development Bank to keep funding fossil fuels

Climate Justice, Changing Australia, Aid and development, Sustainable economies

Release Date: 06 Oct 2021

35 civil society organisations, including Jubilee Australia and ActionAid Australia, have written an open letter to the Australian Government urging it to support the ADB’s transition away from financing and supporting fossil fuel projects to align with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Jubilee Australia Calls on the Australian Government to Support Poor Countries' Access to COVID-19 Vaccines.

Aid and development

Release Date: 10 Mar 2021

It is predicted that more than 85 poor countries will not have access to widespread COVID-19 vaccines until 2023 due to intellectual property laws. Together with several other Australian civil society organisations, we are urging the Australian Government to support a proposal that would waive some of the intellectual property laws' provisions.

Cancel debt to tackle corona virus, say Australian CSOs

Changing Australia, Aid and development

Release Date: 08 Apr 2020

A group of Australian civil society organisations (CSOs) released a statement today calling for the Australian Government to support the cancellation of external debt payments in 2020 for Low Income Countries (LICs) to help them fight the coronavirus. Organisations who signed onto the statement include: Jubilee Australia, Action Aid Australia, Caritas Australia

Proposed New Pacific Infrastructure Initiative is Chasing Mythical Dragons

Changing Australia, Aid and development

Release Date: 29 Mar 2019

Jubilee Australia, Caritas Australia and UNSW released a new report today, Enter the Dragon: Australia, China and the New Pacific Development Agenda, about the proposed new infrastructure fund for the Pacific. The report is strongly critical of the proposed Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific (AIFFP), arguing that the rationale for the scheme has been made on faulty premises,