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Storm brewing over Pacific as climate and debt crises collide

Climate Justice, Changing PNG’s development path, Sustainable economies, Drop the debt

Release Date: 04 Oct 2022

The Pacific region is facing a perfect storm of climate change induced disasters and skyrocketing debt burdens as communities are still reeling from the shocks of COVID-19 and the international cost of living crisis, according to a new report. This could lead to unprecedented economic instability in Australia’s neighbourhood without immediate intervention.

Pacific Islands demand debt solutions from creditors

Latest News, Sustainable economies, Drop the debt

Release Date: 04 Apr 2022

Pacific Island nations are facing a serious debt crisis worsened by the pandemic and the resulting shutdown of the tourism industry. Jubilee has published a report about it alongside our partners ahead of this week’s Pacific debt conference in Suva, Fiji.

G20 Ignores Cries for Support From World’s Poorest Countries

Sustainable economies, Drop the debt

Release Date: 15 Oct 2020

Australian civil society organisations ActionAid and Jubilee Australia condemned G20 Finance Ministers who failed to extend a lifeline to the world’s poorest countries despite the clear need for debt cancellation, as they struggle to respond to the urgent humanitarian crisis brought on by COVID-19.

The World Bank’s Health Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Climate Justice, Sustainable economies, Drop the debt

Release Date: 15 Oct 2020

This week, as the IMF and the World Bank hold their Annual Meetings, Jubilee has released a new research paper about the World Bank’s response to the COVID pandemic. The World Bank’s Response to COVID-19 is the first in a new Occasional Paper Series by Jubilee Australia.

Billions in debt being collected from poor countries hard-hit by COVID-19

Sustainable economies, Drop the debt

Release Date: 22 Jul 2020

Australian NGOs have expressed alarm as this weekend G20 Finance Ministers delayed debt relief measures for the world’s poorest countries as deaths from COVID-19 top 600,000 worldwide. The G20 did not call on multilateral lenders to take action and only reiterated its announcement from April that all official bilateral creditors should implement a short-term debt freeze