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Jubilee Australia began as a movement of ordinary people speaking out against the injustice of 'third world' debt. More than a decade later we remain a critical voice in Australia, and a dynamic member of the international movement for global justice.  

Bougainville, PNG. Photo credit: Antony Loewenstein.

Faith Communities

The Jubilee Principle

Jubilee Australia is inspired by the ancient biblical Jubilee idea of tackling greed and inequity, and building a just global economy, for the sake of the world’s poorest communities. 

Based on Old Testament scripture, the ancient Hebrew traditions of Sabbath rest and Jubilee renewal required that those enslaved as a result of debt be freed, lands lost because of debt be returned and communities torn by inequality be restored.

Jubilee Sunday

Each year, on the third Sunday in May, people across Australia unite in heart, mind and spirit to recall and be re-inspired by the ancient Old Testament principle of 'Jubilee'.

As a congregation, a social justice group, a school group, a family or even as an individual, Jubilee Sunday is an opportunity to set aside time to reflect on our role in growing a fair, equitable and compassionate society.

Jubilee Sunday 2017

On Jubilee Sunday, May 21st, churches across Australia pray for a world made new where those struggling under the weight of poverty because of economic injustice will be able to live in dignity and peace. It is an opportunity to set aside time to reflect on our role in building a fair, compassionate and environmentally sustainable society.

The attached resource from Jubilee Australia contains reflection, worship, education and action ideas for you to incorporate into your existing liturgy as well as community publications.  You and your community are invited to participate in Jubilee Sunday on May 21st or at a time more convenient to you. 

Past Jubilee Sunday materials and other resources
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