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About Us

Jubilee Australia began as a movement of ordinary people speaking out against the injustice of 'third world' debt. More than a decade later we remain a critical voice in Australia, and a dynamic member of the international movement for global justice.  

Bougainville, PNG. Photo credit: Antony Loewenstein.

Our Mission

Mission and Goals

Our approach

Jubilee Australia (formal name: the Jubilee Australia Debt and Development Research Centre) engages in research and advocacy to prevent human rights abuses, environmental destruction and economic injustice for impoverished individuals and groups adversely affected by the actions of Australian corporations, financial institutions and government agencies.

Our modus operandi is the following:

1. Working with individuals and groups, usually in the Asia-Pacific region, to identify and document human rights abuses, environmental destruction or economic injustice in their communities;

2. Identifying and documenting how Australian companies, financial institutions and Australian government actions cause or contribute to those adverse impacts;

3. Identifying and documenting how policy change at the national and international level might prevent current and future environmental and human rights abuses and economic injustice. 

Jubilee Australia emerged as the Australian arm of the world-wide Jubilee movement working for debt cancellation to help end extreme poverty in the late 1990s and was established as an independent organisation in 2001. Although we continue to work with the global debt movement on the problem of illegitimate and unjust debt, since 2006 our mandate has included environmental and human rights abuses as well as economic injustice.

Since 2009, we have held the status of an Approved Research Institute (ARI) with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. In 2016, we formally merged to become part of The Australia Institute, Australia's most influential progressive think tank.

Jubilee seeks to build and maintain strong alliances with other civil society organisations and networks in Australia and overseas to ensure that our work is collaborative and contributes to collective outcomes. We work closely with many development, environmental and human rights organisations in Australia and in the Pacific region. We are a proud member of the following national and international networks: