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Jubilee Australia began as a movement of ordinary people speaking out against the injustice of 'third world' debt. More than a decade later we remain a critical voice in Australia, and a dynamic member of the international movement for global justice.  

Bougainville, PNG. Photo credit: Antony Loewenstein.

Structure & Governance

Structure & Governance


For many years, Jubilee Australia operated as an incorporated, independent, non-profit NGO. The activities and finances of Jubilee were governed by a voluntary board of directors. This all changed in 2016, when Jubilee decided to formally merge with The Australia Institute, the progressive Australian think tank. The merger allows Jubilee to benefit from the administrative and communications expertise of The Australia Institute. Their support makes a big difference to our ability to do our work, while still retaining a great deal of functional independence. We remain a Sydney-based organisation.


So how does this new arrangement work? In 2009, Jubilee created an independent Research Institute, the 'Jubilee Australia Debt and Development Research Centre', as a separate entity. As of 2016, all our work is done through this Research Centre. Formally, the Centre reports to The Australia Institute's Board of Directors, where ultimate accountability for Jubilee lies.

There are two day-to-day accountability mechanisms for our work. First, all Research and Policy Decisions are overseen by our Research Committee, which is a group of leading Australian academics and experts in the field of development and environmental and human rights. The Research Committee strengthens our capacity for rigorous, academic based analysis into the root causes of economic, environmental and human rights exploitation in the Asia-Pacific and beyond. 

Second, organisational and financial matters are decided by the Jubilee Advisory Group (our old Board), with input and advice from The Australia Institute's management team.