How donations are spent

We pledge to be transparent with how we receive our income, and how we spend it. We are committed to using your donations to make sure that our critical and independent voice continues to be heard.

Jubilee Australia does not accept money from corporations or the government, instead, we rely on community donations and grants from charitable organisations and foundations. 

For every 1$ that is donated to Jubilee Australia, we spend 69c on researching extractive-led development and sustainable alternatives, 15c in administration/overheads to guarantee that we are effective and accountable, 9c on communication, media and advocacy to ensure that our voice is being heard, and 7c on supporter education and outreach. These numbers are based on our expenses for the financial year 2017-2018.



Every donation, regardless of size, makes a real difference. Click here to help us challenge the prevailing notion that extractive-led development is necessary to lift poor countries out of poverty. Together we can help create a sustainable future.