The Frieda River Mine

By donating to the Frieda River Mine campaign you will be supporting Jubilee Australia to work closely with our local partners in PNG, to fight for a Sepik River free of large-scale mining led by outside actors. You can read more about the project here.

Jubilee Australia is currently writing an investigative report on the potential consequences of the mine on the local communities’ economies, environment, culture and health. We need your help to ensure that we have the funds needed to make the biggest possible impact with this work. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by 31 December.

We have divided our end goal into the two following targets:

1)$5,000: If we raise this amount, we will be able to make the report accessible by transforming it from a word document to a report that we can publish, print and distribute, and work to get media attention – because research is not finished until it is communicated!

2)$10,000: If we reach this target, it will allow us to cover the cost of bringing over an activist from the impacted community and advocate for a Sepik river free of large-scale mining led by outside actors. This is essential in order to make the voices of the communities along the Sepik heard.