Paga Hill land grabs

Jubilee Australia's Resource Centre

Paga Hill was a quiet seaside community in Port Moresby before developers moved in and forcibly evicted the residents in order to build a luxury tourist and commercial development. The evictions were illegal and the approximately three thousand people have been scattered across the city.

Jubilee Australia and our partners have seen first hand where many of the evicted families now live and the extremely poor living conditions they are experiencing. This directly contradicts the developer’s claims that the residents have been treated in an appropriate manner.

The story of what happened at Paga Hill - the unlawful evictions and the fate of some of the residents - is expertly told in the documentary film 'The Opposition', directed by Hollie Fifer and produced by Media Stockade. The producers faced a great legal battle to have the film screened as those connected to the development made a desperate and ultimately unsuccessful court challenge to have the film banned.  

There are a number of Australian connections to this drama. The company responsible for the development, the Paga Hill Development Company, has a number of Australian business people on is board, and has premises in Australia. The Australian Government – through the aid program – has provided support to the PNG Government to host the APEC summit, located right next to Paga Hill.

Our work is aimed at ensuring evicted families receive justice for the harms they have suffered and preventing other urban land grabs in PNG.