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Shining a spotlight on Australia's export credit agency


PHOTO: Limestone Island on Lake Kutubu, PNG (Credit Damian Baker)

Risky Business
, launched by Jubilee in December, shines a spotlight on EFIC, Australia's export credit agency, and its support of risky extractive projects in developing countries.

The report aims to make EFIC more accountable to Australians, asking a number of tough questions surrounding EFIC’s social policies and its responsibilities to the Australian taxpayer. Are EFIC’s human rights, environmental and social standards adequate? Are systems of accountability in place? How do they function? How transparent are EFIC’s operations? Does the Australian public even have enough information to answer these basic questions?

The report case studies two critical examples of EFIC support for extractive projects in the Pacific - the Gold Ridge mine in the Solomon Islands and the PNG LNG project.

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