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The Barossa Project is a new large scale and high risk gas project that will draw gas from an offshore field located in pristine marine waters 100km north of the Tiwi Islands, which are wholly owned by Traditional Owners. The marine environment where the project will be located, and the Tiwi Islands themselves, are areas of global biodiversity significance. The pipeline which will connect the project to the mainland will come within 6km of the Tiwi Islands, and will pass through the Oceanic Shoals Marine Park. 

The greenhouse gas emissions from this project are likely to significantly increase Australiaā€™s emissions profile. It could be amongst the most polluting LNG projects in the world. 

Japan's export credit agency (ECA) JBIC has announced its intention to provide financing to the project and Korea's ECA KEXIM has also made financing available. 

Jubilee Australia's Campaigns Director, Dina Rui, spoke at a webinar organised by Environment Centre NT on 29 April 2021 on the role of ECAs in financing this project and the work that Jubilee and its allies in Japan and Korea are doing to stop this. 

(Image: Cape Fourcroy, Bathurst Island. Credit: Jason Fowler)