Economic Justice and Accountability for Communities in the Asia-Pacific

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Media release: Proposed changes to Bougainville mining laws are a 'blank cheque'

Media release – Proposed amendments to Bougainville mining laws are a 'blank cheque' which violate landowner consent Wedn..

Media release: G20 suspension decision brings temporary relief but no lasting solution

G20 debt suspension decision will bring temporary relief but offers no lasting solution to debt crisis This morning, t..

Media release: Cancel debt to tackle corona virus, say Australian CSOs

Emergency finance must not add to debt burdens Process to reduce debts to sustainable level in future also needed ..
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"I support Jubilee Australia because of its ongoing commitment to social and environmental justice and the relief of poverty. The conditions that many of our near-neighbours live are neither accidental nor inevitable, and the work to bring clarity and accountability to the policies and behaviours of governments and corporations in our region is vital." — Tim Winton